New YouTube? No Surprises

Today we’re releasing version 3.2 of Videos. We’ll give you some details after the screenshots, but we can’t resist showing the screenshots first.

The new YouTube:

The new YouTube, which is even a bit cleaner than the old

To borrow a phrase from Radiohead, the YouTube redesign has no surprises. Still cluttered. But still cleanable.

Our update, then, better accommodates the redesign, fixes a few minor bugs and adds some interface refinements. For example, it better accommodates smaller screens and it’s a bit more subtle in places. Yes, we even clean our cleaning. Because good design is as little design as possible.


2 thoughts on “New YouTube? No Surprises

  1. Very nice addon / website! I use YouTube everyday but am getting a little sick of all the adverts so this will make my eyes happy :)

    Great work guys!