We’re proud this week that we were Netted by the Webbys.

Their imaginary scenario hit on why we built the extension:

Imagine your TV screen had flashing banner ads, pictures of other shows, viewer stats, and a comment section.

You’d probably watch a lot less television.

Using our extension, they said, was, “visually stunning: You don’t realize how much extra junk is on the page until you see a before and after photo. (Activate the extension on Amazon too for an even bigger shock.)”

The result of being Netted? Lots of Twitter love in tweet-sized doses:

“Wow. This is simply brilliant” – @72andSunny

“Gold!” – @brainpicker

And then, from Netted: “eLast week’s most popular Netted was @cleanerinternet Minimalism is back, baby! (Who’re we kidding, we just want the comments outta there.)”

We thank all of you who are using the extension and sharing it with friends, family and coworkers.



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