Safari Security Update

Safari Cert and PluginNo alarm bells are ringing, no wide-open evil security holes were found. We’ve only updated the security certificate for a small set of people using an older (if not now ancient) version of A Cleaner YouTube for Safari. This upgrade ensures that the extension is the one created by us, A Cleaner Internet, and not someone masquerading as us.

We bring this up because this security update might be, well, an annoyance: the extension might uninstall itself with a notice to contact the developers. If this happens, though, it’s a good thing, even if it is a pain.

If you’re at version 2.2.0 in Safari and you’ve not seen any strange uninstalls or bothersome notices, you’re all good. If you’re not at version 2.2.0 in Safari you can download the update.

We’ll be the first to admit the auto-uninstall isn’t the most graceful way to handle the update, but it was the best available option to ensure people have the best and safest experience moving forward.