YouTube Redesign And Our Extension

If you’ve been wondering whether our extension is working, it’s not. And here’s why: YouTube has unleashed a redesign that’s affecting how our extension cleans the site.

They were testing it (YouTube Is Testing Out A New Design For Pages With More Navigation Options) for a bit, but not everyone got the new design at the same time.

Everyone now has it and we’re working to bring the extension up to speed. We don’t have an estimate on when a new version will be ready. Once we do have an estimate, we’ll post an update. Videos for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Today we’ve released Videos for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. It’s available in the App Store for $0.99. Here’s our description and a few screenshots:

From the creators of the top Safari YouTube extension used by millions of people around the world. Videos brings a cleaner YouTube experience to the iPhone, iPod and iPad, giving you the essential functionality without the clutter. You can find, watch and share your favorite online videos without ads, promoted videos and over-designed features.


* Human-viewable thumbnail images in search. No more thumbnails smaller than your own thumbnails.
* Facebook and Twitter integration. With quick configuration, you can share with a tap.
* Save to favorites and view your history. If signed into YouTube, you can view subscriptions and add to your playlists.
* Take a peak, if you want, at trailers and news.

A Cleaner Internet donates part of every app sale to Teach for America.

Here’s some screenshots:

We’re excited to bring the experience to the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

No Longer Cleaning Amazon

We’ve decided to stop offering the option to clean Amazon. You’ll see, then, in the next update that the option to clean Amazon is no longer available.

Why? Working within and around Amazon’s ongoing site design changes was becoming a zigzag game of cat and mouse with more pitfalls than payoffs for our users.

But worry not, the effort we put into Amazon is being redirected into things bigger and better. We’ll have more news on that to come.

Can We Make It Cleaner? Yes.

We’re releasing an enhancement today that makes the YouTube viewing experience even cleaner. Compare the screenshots below.

This …

Radiohead - Lotus Flower

… versus this:

Cleaner Flower

While the video’s playing, we’re fading out everything except the video’s title. But we don’t fade out the controls if you’re reading comments or searching because, well, that’d be annoying. And if you want the controls back while watching, just move your cursor.

We’ve enhanced the Amazon experience, too, in small ways and fixed a few things here and there.

We hope you like the even cleaner viewing experience. And feel free to send us any feedback you might have.